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Adherence to Rigorously Reviewed Science

We are devoted to releasing new operations of exceptional quality that greatly contribute to our field.


We are focused on introducing a ground-breaking advancement in plasma confinement, heating, and current drive, revolutionizing the concept of fusion reactors. Our patented technology efficiently creates and maintains compact, magnetically confined fusion plasmas, enabling the realization of more compact and affordable fusion reactor visions like never before.


Our advanced plasma driver technology utilizes non-axisymmetric, fully inductive magnetic helicity injectors to create and maintain compact, magnetized plasmas. Unlike traditional methods, our plasma driver can operate continuously by effectively phasing multiple helicity injectors in time. To ensure optimal plasma performance, we employ cutting-edge feedback control methods. Moreover, our innovative design eliminates the need for electrodes, resulting in high power efficiency and dynamic plasma stabilization. This favorable scaling towards fusion reactor conditions makes our technology a promising solution for future energy production.

Our Team

A new, clean energy source is crucial to meet the increasing energy needs of the world and address climate change. Fusion has been extensively researched by scientists for many years and although progress has been made, it has not yet been fully realized as a viable commercial power source. Nonetheless, the potential of fusion power continues to generate interest due to its transformative impact on the global energy sector. Our research team comprises specialists in magnets, manufacturing, and plasma physics who are committed to the goal of providing the world with clean and unlimited fusion power.


Sekaitekina Yugo is dedicated to collaborating with top-notch scientific and technological advancements, regardless of their origin. Our innovation initiative is characterized by outstanding partnerships and a strong emphasis on transparency. With a well-defined plan for achieving fusion on a commercial scale, extensive expertise in contracting and funding, and a proven track record of successful execution, our company stands as an excellent contender to become the first and only commercial entity to accomplish fusion so far. This positions us as one of the leading contenders globally in the pursuit of transforming clean energy into a reality.

Our Values

We promote the development of independent thinking, the asking of critical questions, and the making of decisions based on evidence. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce enhances our culture, expands our influence, and speeds up our advancement. We anticipate a high level of professionalism, integrity, and honesty from our team members and in all of our engagements.

Excellent Opportunities

At Sekaitekina Yugo, we are driven by the incredible potential of fusion energy to shape the future of humanity. We are motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful and positive impact on the world. Every day, we work with a sense of urgency, fuelled by our mission to bring about significant change.

Discovering and Implementing Solutions

By collaborating as a cohesive team, we tackle intricate challenges to transform the connection between humanity and the planet. Our approach is swift, secure, and productive as we navigate towards our milestones. We acknowledge that the journey towards progress is often arduous and convoluted, but we firmly believe that fusion presents an opportunity for a brighter tomorrow.

Combining Cutting-Edge Magnet Technology with Proven Physics

Decades of global research funded by governments have determined that the tokamak-based design is the most effective method for confining fusion-grade plasmas using strong magnetic fields. However, previous advancements in superconducting magnet technology required tokamaks to be excessively large in order to achieve net fusion energy. Recently, a new type of high-temperature superconductor has become commercially viable. Sekaitekina Yugo is utilizing these high-temperature superconductors to construct tokamak fusion systems that are smaller in size and more affordable. Sekaitekina Yugo will develop cutting-edge high-temperature superconducting magnets, followed by a fusion machine capable of generating net energy.

Our machine is expected to lead the path for the initial fusion power plant that can be commercially viable. Sekaitekina Yugo has brought together an exceptional team to develop and construct fusion devices that will offer unlimited and clean energy from fusion to address the issue of climate change.

Execution: Achieve results swiftly and prevent stagnation. Deliver with efficiency and effectiveness.

Self-critique: Blend data-driven strategies with open dialogue to uncover the most innovative ideas. Constantly evaluate and refine our methods.

Integrity: Embrace scientific integrity and uphold respect for others. Treat everyone with fairness and professionalism.

Impact: Strive relentlessly to create an economically viable, clean energy solution to combat climate change within the necessary timeframe.