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Who We Are

Sekaitekina Yugo is an innovative company that is leading the way in the pursuit of commercializing fusion energy, which is a significant challenge facing humanity. Our team comprises exceptional individuals who are committed to achieving this goal. The company's ground-breaking approach is paving the way for a swift resolution to this urgent problem by creating an unlimited, zero-emission energy source.

What We Do

Our revolutionary approach to nuclear fusion involves harnessing the power of high-precision lasers, taking us one step closer to achieving the coveted goal of clean energy. The recent demonstration of our techniques resulted in much more fusion reactions than anticipated. This breakthrough puts our company ahead of the competition and on track to become the first commercial entity to successfully achieve fusion. With this accomplishment, we are proud to be at the forefront of the global race to bring this technology to market.

Sekaitekina Yugo is currently working on creating a fusion reactor that will generate electricity from fusion energy and supply it to the grid. The goal is to complete this project by the conclusion of 2025.

Driving Humanity Toward Progress

The world is undergoing a massive transition as emerging economies gain access to modern infrastructure. This presents both challenges and opportunities as we face unprecedented demand for healthcare, education, water, food, transportation, and energy. At the heart of this demand is power, and we need to rethink how we produce it to protect our planet while promoting a more ample and reasonable future for all. Fusion energy, the clean power at the core of stars, holds the key to our energy future. By mastering fusion energy, we can quickly replace carbon-based fuels and make them the primary source of baseload power worldwide. With its unique advantages, fusion energy is set to disrupt the energy industry and pave the way for a cleaner, brighter future.

Our Vision

We envision a world with a new source of unlimited, clean, affordable, and reliable energy that is safe, secure, and sustainable. Our goal is to provide electricity for all while promoting a green and eco-friendly future. With our commitment to green energy, we strive to make a positive impact on our environment while ensuring that our energy solutions remain environmentally conscious. Join us in shaping a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow!

Our Technology

The present energy crisis is an undeniable reality that is worsening day by day. The main reason behind it is our dependence on non-sustainable sources, which cause carbon emissions and contribute to climate change. Despite renewables such as wind and solar being available, they have their limitations in terms of energy storage over long periods on a large scale. Therefore, the end solution to this problem is Fusion Energy.

Sekaitekina Yugo's focus is on developing a fresh and dependable energy source that is both clean and safe. The company is utilizing laser technology to merge hydrogen and boron-11, which are two plentiful and easily accessible elements. Boron-11 is a steady, non-radioactive isotope that accounts for approximately 80% of all naturally occurring boron, whereas hydrogen is the most common element in the galaxy.

The procedure used for producing energy does not require a large facility with steam turbines, unlike nuclear and fossil fuel power plants, and does not generate hazardous radioactive waste. There is no danger of a reactor meltdown, and the energy produced can be transmitted directly to the grid.

HB11 (Hydrogen-Boron-11) is revolutionizing the energy industry with its innovative approach to clean energy. Our technology makes it possible for a world powered entirely by safe, abundant, and limitless electricity. Our small reactors use abundant fuels and generate no harmful waste, making them the perfect solution for a sustainable future.


  • No radioactive waste
  • No risk of reactor melt-down
  • Unlimited and safe fuel
  • Low infrastructure costs

Discover SR55 Technology

Unlike traditional steam turbines, SR55 technology generates electricity directly, making it an efficient and cost-effective alternative. Furthermore, unlike solar and wind energy which can be intermittent, SR55 technology provides a stable power source, which means the need for expensive electricity storage infrastructure is significantly reduced. One of the greatest advantages of SR55 technology is its scalability. Whether it is for grid integration or remote power generation, SR55 technology is ideally suited for both applications. Plus, it does not require any radioactive materials, which provides new market opportunities not possible with fission-based nuclear plants or DT fusion reactor concepts. SR55 technology is the way of the future, offering a sustainable and reliable solution that can meet the world's increasing energy needs.

Our Values

Fairness: We aim to strive towards delivering low-cost and environmentally-friendly electricity to every corner of the globe, regardless of financial status or situation, with the same level of enthusiasm.

Inclusivity: All individuals, including employees, customers, suppliers, and competitors, will be treated with equal respect regardless of their educational and cultural backgrounds. This principle of non-discrimination applies to everyone who interacts with us.

Sustainability: Our concern for the environment is paramount, and we recognize the need to lessen the impact we have on it. Our commitment to sustainability extends to all aspects of our operations, including the actions of our staff and the result of our efforts.

Honesty: Our values prioritize honesty, openness, and adherence to both the intended meaning and literal interpretation of guidelines.

Our Principles

At Sekaitekina Yugo, we are committed to supporting sustainable development goals by providing access to clean energy. We understand that access to affordable and sustainable energy is a fundamental human right, and we are proud to play a role in eliminating energy poverty. We believe that by delivering clean energy solutions, we can create a safer and more sustainable future for all. Our mission is to make clean energy accessible to everyone, and we are dedicated to achieving this goal in a way that is safe, reliable, and sustainable.

Double-Edged Challenge

The two issues that best describe current circumstances are climate change and energy demand. Regarding renewables, we currently have limited solutions to these problems. We need your support to develop and implement the ideal fusion energy solution.

Climate Change

The scientific consensus is clear: human activity is causing unprecedented changes in our environment. These changes are pushing many species, including our own, towards the brink of extinction. The root cause of this crisis is our reliance on burning fossil fuels to meet our energy needs. It is time for us to take responsibility for our actions and start making changes to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

Energy Demand

While reducing the world's energy consumption may seem like an appealing solution to combat climate change, it is not the complete answer. In fact, limiting access to energy and electricity can have devastating consequences, including reduced life expectancy and a lower quality of life. It is important to recognize that energy consumption directly affects our quality of life, and depriving communities of access to energy can lead to a poverty trap. Instead of solely focusing on reducing energy consumption, we must prioritize increasing access to renewable energy sources and implementing sustainable energy practices. Only by taking a comprehensive approach can we effectively address the challenges posed by climate change.

Our Approach

Paradigm Shift

Fusion is a critical technology that requires more than one approach to succeed. Like the development of many other industries, exploring various designs is essential to achieving success.

In the private sector, a seminal change has occurred in the last two decades, with more designs being explored than ever before. Fusion Reactors is taking this a step further by examining multiple designs to find the optimal solution.

With extensive experience in both the state and private sectors, Sekaitekina Yugo possesses the knowledge and expertise to design, build, operate, and advance multiple fusion reactor designs. Our goal is to quickly converge on the optimal design to deliver fusion electricity promptly and make a significant impact.


Fusion Energy is the long-awaited solution to safe, sustainable, and eco-friendly power generation. This energy is derived from the fusion of light nuclei, creating a powerful release of energy. Its potential to meet the world's energy needs is unmatched, making it the ultimate goal for researchers and scientists worldwide. With its environmentally friendly nature, fusion energy represents a true holy grail for the future of energy generation.

Why Fusion?

Fusion energy is a game-changer in the world of energy. The reason is, it is the cleanest and most energy-dense source of power there is. The energy released by fusion is roughly 4 million times more than an equal mass of burning coal and 4 times more than nuclear fission. Efficiency at its best!

Fusion energy is not only energy-dense, it is also clean. A fusion reaction releases zero greenhouse gases, making it an eco-friendly solution. Unlike nuclear fission, it does not produce long-lived radioactive waste. But the essential part is that the elements required for fusion are practically limitless, and found in abundance in the ocean. This means fusion fuel is ridiculously abundant and can potentially decarbonize the economy like no other technology. Fusion is the critical gateway technology for energy everywhere.

Fusion Benefits

Natural - Nature employs fusion as a means of producing energy, which is crucial for the existence of life on Earth. The fusion process in the sun is responsible for the energy that sustains all living organisms on our planet.

Clean - Fusion is a clean energy source that emits no greenhouse gases and will stably raise living standards all across the planet.

Safe - Fusion is risk-free, produces no radioactive waste with a lengthy half-life, and has no chance of melting down.

Plentiful - Hydrogen and lithium, the most common fusion fuel, are widely accessible and cost-effective.

Correlative - Fusion power is available upon request and will function in resilient clean energy systems alongside renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

Energy Market Background

Unlocking high energy density alternatives in a world where energy demands continue to rise is crucial to meet the needs of a growing population. With traditional energy sources becoming increasingly scarce, it is time to explore new and innovative solutions.

One of the greatest challenges facing the world today is the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels for the sake of the environment and our planet's long-term sustainability. Despite this urgent priority, however, the energy demand continues to grow at an exponential rate. Experts predict that global energy needs will triple by 2050, reaching an unprecedented primary capacity of 60 terawatts. As we strive to find a balance between energy production and environmental protection, this complex issue must be addressed with innovative solutions and a commitment to sustainable practices.

The global demand for carbon-free energy is on the rise, but renewables alone may not be able to meet this demand. The limitations of renewables, such as the intermittency of wind and solar, require them to be combined with storage technologies that are currently not scalable enough to provide a reliable backbone for the global energy system. Moreover, even the more optimistic models that consider significant contributions from renewables fail to account for the conversion of highly energy-intensive industries, such as manufacturing, chemical, and steel production, to carbon-free power. Therefore, while renewables are a crucial part of the solution to decarbonization, they will need to be complemented by other technologies and solutions to meet the growing global demand for carbon-free energy.

Fusion energy is a perfect source of energy that can cater to the increasing global demand for energy without carbon emissions, ensuring the safety and reliability of baseload energy at competitive prices. Fusion energy is compact and flexible, making it an ideal energy source that can be placed close to urban and industrial areas that require large amounts of energy. The fusion process uses small amounts of easily available natural materials like boron and water as fuel. The fusion facilities are small and safe, and they can be set up for operation within a short time. The output of a fusion power plant can be adjusted from one to several gigawatts to match the current demand. There is no need for large material transports and pipeline supply.

Providing adaptable base and peak load energy to the commercial and industrial sectors can result in opportunities for new industrial development. This can be achieved by electrifying steel production and chemical processes, promoting sustainable mobility, and facilitating the emergence of yet-to-be-invented technologies. Fusion energy is highly advantageous as it yields significantly more energy than fossil fuels. In fact, 400 kilograms of natural pB11 fuel generates the same amount of energy as 2.4 billion kilograms of coal, while also avoiding the release of 4.4 billion kilograms of harmful carbon emissions.